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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics – The best Traffic Tracking Tool by Google

Google Analytics is one of many devices Google provides to help individuals find out what guests are doing on their websites. The device lets you track and examine basic information about your website and visitors. The central question many asks is, “Is Google Analytics free?” – Indeed, it is, and it is perhaps the most notable free device on the market.

The scope of information that Google Analytics provides makes it a fundamental part of any site administrator’s or, alternatively, advertiser’s internet-based tools. In this Google Analytics Manual for Amateurs, we’ll cover a portion of the essential things you really ought to know about the instrument, including:

 Now here are some questions you might want to know:

  • Why you need Google Analytics
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up Google Analytics.
  • The Google Analytics Dashboard

What are Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the main investigation stage for tracking the execution of websites or applications. It is essential for several Google-provided devices like Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager. Browse through this article where you can find supporting devices that use Google Analytics.

The stage gives you a complete picture of your website’s performance. It collects a large amount of information and prepares it excellently. It then creates reports to show you this information. With the help of these reports, you’ll get basic information about your website and your visitors.

intelligence gathering

The main component of Google Analytics is the collection of information. At this stage, you can collect a lot of information about your website and how visitors use it. The idea of the data collected will be discussed and explained later.

This primarily includes the following:

  •  How many visitors do your pages have?
  • Where guests come to your pages from.
  • How do these guests move through your website?
  • What guests do on your pages.
  • How guests interact with components on your pages.
  • How long do guests stay on your pages?

At what stage of a visit do customers leave your website?

Google Analytics uses basic JavaScript code to collect this data. You get this code when you set up Analytics for your website, as we’ll explain later. The code is inserted on every page and places a tidbit in the program of every visitor to the site. The tidbit then sends a hit to Google Analytics at that time and reports any connection the customer has with your website.

What types of hits does Google Analytics track?

Google Analytics works with three different types of hits:

Site Hit – A hit sent every time someone visits one of your pages. It contains information about what devices and projects visitors are using. You can also determine which of your pages they visit.

Occasional hit – A hit that is sent when a guest does something on your website. For example, they may fill out a form, click a link, or play a video.

Exchange / Ecommerce Hit – A hit sent when a visitor to your website makes a purchase. Data can be included in these hits, such as what pages the guest visited before making the purchase. Other unique experiences, such as what items they purchased or how much they spent, are also given.

information processing

Google Analytics doesn’t give you the raw data that Stage collects. It processes information first and then creates reports. The first stage of information processing is the breakdown of information by customers and sessions.


Customer data – This is information about different distinctive guests on your website. Google Analytics creates a new irregular client ID for every new guest on your site. Assuming a similar client returns to your site later, Analytics recognizes the client ID.

He will then be logged in as a “returning” guest; This may work if he is using a similar device. The cycle can be interrupted if they delete your treat from their program memory.


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