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Google My Business


Assuming you own a business, you should have a Google My Business (GMB) page. In this article, we’ll explore what the interaction is like when setting up a Google My Business page. If you don’t know why a Google My Business page is important, you can check out our post on the importance of a GMB page.

Instructions for setting up Google My Business

Step 1 – “Go to Google”

The most important thing is to visit https://www.google.com/business/ and and click on the green “Start Now” button. Then you need to either create a Google listing or sign into a Google account you already have.

You can then search for your business by name and address. Suppose you cannot find your business, then you should not stop. Just add “your business” and enter the required data. To update it, just log in.

Step 2 – Create/Claim Your Google My Business Page

After you have found or created your business field, click on it. Confirm that you are “approved for this business” and click “Next”.

Step 3 – Review your business

You now need to verify your business. This involves Google providing you with a verification code, which should be possible in several ways:

Call to

Postcard sent to your place of work


When the code appears, you can enter it to confirm your business and you’re good to go. Your business now has a Google My Business page!

Step 4 – Add the final touches

The more data you add to your Google My Business page, the more successful it will be. Your place of work should now be set, but there are still several tweaks you can fill in.


How create classification menu of my business?

Class – You can specify which classification your business has. For example, if it is a bar, select “Bar”.

Opening hours – set your starting times so that someone who sees your GMB page knows when you are open.

Phone number – make it easy to reach you

Website – make sure your website connection is set so that people can easily visit your website to learn more about your business

Arrangement URL – You can also set up an arrangement URL to make it much easier for customers to book your services.

Add photos – make sure you post your company logo and a cover photo, you can post up to 10 photos here which gives you the opportunity to show more about your business. Let’s say you own a cake shop, then show pictures of your cakes.

Surveys – Google audits are an important part of GMB. Ask your customers to write positive reviews on Google so you can get a five-star rating. Reviews are a great way to show how much your business is appreciated. Don’t forget to respond to every review, especially bad ones, to show potential customers that you are focused on providing excellent care to your customers after closing.

Posts – This element allows you to share events or content from your site’s blog. A post will remain for several weeks before it needs to be updated, and Google will also remind you to update it.

The more data you provide Google about your business, the greater the benefit you get from your Google My Business page.

Keep checking your GMB page Innovation Visual Google My Business Map

The work isn’t over once you’ve created your Google My Business page and entered your company’s information. There are several highlights that are worth looking out for. For example, individuals can write reviews about your business, and this gives you the opportunity to work with them, whether the review is positive or negative.


You also could change your start times during the nice season, which can be especially valuable if you’re closed over Christmas. Individuals can also ask questions about your business, which gives you the freedom to respond and perhaps gain another customer.

Don’t just set up your Google My Business page and forget about it afterwards. Make sure you’re capitalizing on your business by setting it up and giving current and potential customers the right impression.

If you have any questions about how Google My Business can help your business, please contact a colleague.


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